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Anti Theft Key FOB Wallet

Anti Theft Key FOB Wallet


Auto XS Anti Theft Key FOB Wallet 2 Pack


Protect yourself and your car from bulgary, Theft and Carnapping with this RFID Anti Theft FOB key wallet


Stay one step ahead and protect your vehicle when you invest in this smart Anti-Theft Key Fob Wallet 2 Pack. To prevent RF signals being intercepted by thieves, simply slip your key fob into the larger back pocket so that it is completely hidden. The wallets will fit most car key fobs, and you can even pop smaller items that don't require protection into the front pocket, making them super handy and practical.


It is mainly used to shield the use of car keys and door CARDS, as well as the packaging of digital products.
When put in outer layer, can reduce partial radiation and do not affect the normal use of the product;
Put the inner layer to seal the mouth of the bag, can anti - scan, anti - magnetic, shielding electromagnetic signal.
Quick response and reliable function. Put the phone in a bag for 30 seconds to block the electromagnetic signal.
Wide range of use, applicable to a variety of for GSM, CDMA, PHS and other mobile phone use.


  • Dual pocket design
  • Technically advanced lining to create a protective barrier
  • Fits most key fobs
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