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Montre Homme  2022 Men's Watch Top Brand Luxury Jacob &Co Astronomia

Montre Homme 2022 Men's Watch Top Brand Luxury Jacob &Co Astronomia

₱34,598.00 Regular Price
₱17,299.00Sale Price

Montre Homme PINDU DESIGN 2022 Men's Watch Top Brand Luxury Jacob &Co Astronomia


PINDU Design Jacob & Co is a very young brand, founded in New York in 1981 by Jacob Arabo who grew up in Russia. This watch is already a must-have doll for billionaires.

JACOB&CO triple gravity celestial tourbillon watch, Diamond Tourbillion made by hand, the dial has a dragon setting that can be rotated, and the middle position is designed with double hands, so that the time can be clearly seen.

In particular, the PINDU Design JACOB & Co. brand mark is not deliberately set on the watch body this time, and with the original cracked leather strap, it feels more noble and durable, which is completely suitable for a new generation of fashion people who like to ooze a unique taste in a low-key image. Beneath the splendid gleaming surface, you can still clearly see the time in the middle, and the dragon that first appeared in the rotation. The manual movement is composed of 300 components, with a power reserve of 72 hours and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour.

After two years of research and development, PINDU Design Jacob&Co presents the new Astronomia Solar watch. This watch took hundreds of hours to make, and the 46mm transparent crystal case shows a full view of the eight planets of the solar system. The Astronomia Solar contains 439 parts and is another extraordinary masterpiece in the Astronomia series. What is even more remarkable is that in order to show the constantly moving solar system, each part is constantly rotating in both directions.

In the middle of the watch is a 1.5-carat citrine representing the sun, and the base is made of aventurine, which rotates in the opposite direction of the two-way rotation. The watch perfectly presents the magnificent landscape of the earth in the solar system, under the dome sapphire crystal, the planets you chase after me.

The Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show in Switzerland in April 2003 marked the beginning of the PINDU Design Jacob&Co brand's entry into the international market. Although he is young, he has won the favor of many stars, hipsters, and billions of teenagers.

BAPE's NIGO, Britney Spears, ruffian Eminem, Jennifer Lopez, Beckham are all their loyal supporters. As long as you have status and fame, you can also make a Jacob&Co celestial tourbillon watch that is unique in the world.

Currently, JACOB & Co. watches have become part of international celebrities such as David Beckham, Elton John, Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles, Sharon Stone, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jordon, fashion designers Karl Lagerfeld and Stefano Gabbana, supermodel Naomi Favorite New York fashion watch brands such as Campbell, Gisele Bundchen and Carmen Kass.


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